Next to the doors, some people believe the stretch is the next hardest task in assembling a Lamborghini kit car.  NAERC made it relatively easy with their instructions and extension plates.  Instead of cutting the engine cradle, they simply move it back by 11".  This approach makes the stretch much easier then the alternative.  The first step is to cut the chassis in half right behind the firewall.  Then, weld it back together with 1/8" steel plates that are welded to the firewall and each end of the cut chassis.  The upper chassis members can be coupled together with 2x3" tubular steel.  Make sure to take turns welding each side of the car so it doesn't get pulled out of square.  Finish out the top and bottom portions of the chassis with narrow pieces of steel to make it look almost as good as factory.

Stretch01  Stretch02

In addition to moving the wheel base out by 11", the rear trunk of the Fiero needs to be cut off.  A piece of 2x3" tubular steel is placed between the shock towers to provide support.

Check out the pics below of the finished product.  I needed to bend and spot weld in sheet metal for the rear side panels, but it was pretty easy.  Make special note of the 2x3" tube across the center of the engine compartment.  This is simply the piece that moves the engine cradle back 11".  No need to make any modification to the engine cradle!  Simply both right in!

 Stretch04 Stretch05