The outer rockers were actually installed over the edge of the body versus bolted under the body as in most other kits.  This provides a very clean and secure look.  Braces were installed on the chassis to support the weight when a person steps or sits on the rockers. 1/4" self-locking clips with flat-heads screws secure the rockers to the body.  In front of the rear wheel, the rocker was fastened to a brace from the chassis.  The rocker and fender had to be pulled out a couple of inches to ensure a natural curve versus an inward bend of the fiberglass fender. A piece of tubular steel was used all along the rear of the rocker to provide strength when connecting the rocker to the body (see 3rd pic below).

 OuterRocker01 OuterRocker02

OuterRocker03  OuterRocker04