4/19/09:  I started working on mounting the inner rocker panels.  The A-frame and the lift will work well.  I can work on the entire underneath of the car without running into any obstacles.  Next I plan to glue and dura-glass on the inner rockers. 

Rocker01 Rocker02

4/26/09:  Here's a pic with both rockers glued in.  I used a black, two part epoxy glue that was recommended by the autobody store.  They said this was the most durable solution.  Notice the bottle jack supporting the rear window.  Lifting the middle of the car helped tremendously to get the rocker panels to correctly fit the contour of the door opening.  

What you can't see here is an 1/8" wide lip and an 1/8" gap between the rocker panel and the door opening.  This lip, which is roughly 1/2" high, is used by the weather stripping.  Simply slide the weather stripping over the lip to secure it in place.  The hardest part of mounting the rockers was sanding down the fiberglass around the door to 1/8" thick.  I was quite the snowman after that and the entire shop is now covered in dust!

12/25/13:  In order to finish the interior I extented the lower and upper sections of the rear part of the inner rockers.  The upper section was glued to the side wall with SMC.  Next, will be to insulate and carpet!

Rocker03 Rocker04