The headlights are from a 92 Nissan 300 bought on eBay.  All the rubber was removed and a 1/8" gap was created around the light in the fiberglass opening to provide enough space for a nice, flexible fit.  The trick to installing the headlights for me was to use the factory bolt holes and fabricate brackets mounted to the chassis. The bolts are 8mm x 1.25 thread.  I drilled out the front studs and welded a nut in their place.  Brackets were welded to the chassis and all-thread bolts with adjusting nuts were used to fasten the light.  With a nut placed both above and below the mounting bracket, the lights can be adjusted up or down in any of the four corners.  Now I just hope the left-to-right placement of the light is close enough! 

Headlight02 Headlight03