3/28/09:  I just completed cutting out the openings for the turn signals, fog lights and vents.   It turned out pretty good.  Next it will require finish sanding.  I plan on mounting the fog lights to the body, but crafting mounting hardware for the headlights after the body is permanently mounted. 


06/23/12: The last part of the bumper was to install a steel guard around the lower portion of the car.  This will help protect against any bottoming out from bumps, driveways and trailers.  Here I fabricated a 1 1/4" steel tube around the inside of the car and welded it into the main chassis.  You can tow or put a jack under it and lift the entire car. I didn't put any hockey pucks underneath as other builders have done as I don't believe it will do any good on bumps or trailers.  We'll see.

  LowerBumperGuard1  LowerBumperGuard

7/14/12:  The front bumper and the lights are all installed. The electrical is all complete except for the horn.  At this time, I chose not to wire the lower fog light.  Maybe later, there are more important things to work on now. It's starting to look like a real car!