The ZZ4 engine is mounted transverse and mated to the Getrag 5 speed using a V8 Archie conversion kit.  Kennedy Engineered Products also makes a kit for other types of conversions but I didn't get a chance to research them.  I decided not to go with the longitude mount approach because I thought it would be easier.  Talk about tight clearance.  There is about 1/8" of an inch between before contact with the chassis sidewalls.  Looking back, I wish I would have went with the longitude setup.  I'm not excited about have one V-belt running the power steering, alternator and air conditioner.  With a longitude setup, the serpentine belt could have been used.  However, I'm guessing the exhaust system would require more work to fabricate.   

Trans01  Trans02

I ended up getting a front-wheel drive Getrag from a mid-80s GM.  It required the conversion kit from Rodney Dickman.  Since I had to extend the Fiero chassis 11", I had to get extended throttle and clutch cables from West Coast Fiero.  I ended up fabricating my own mounting brackets for the engine and transmission.  I wanted to be sure everything will hold up under the 405 ft. lbs. of torque created by the ZZ4.  I had a transmission shop inspect the transmission, put in new seals and a new speedometer gear.  Archie said these trany's are good for 500+ hp.  I hope so!