4/26/09:  Just brought the chassis back from Eagle Autobody and Stripping.  Immediately after blasting the chassis, they painted it with an epoxy primer.  It turned out really good, but it will take a while to get all the sand out of the crevasses.  Even though I tried to get them to cover the firewall and cowl, I still got a good amount of sand in the heating and A/C ducts. I removed the heater core and air conditioner condensing unit to clean out the sand.  I'll take them into a radiator shop and have them pressure tested and cleaned.  I doubt I will be using the heater and A/C unit much, but I would like them to work properly. It will never be easier than now to get access to this area of the car.

I also picked up some calking and chassis black paint (Dupont acrylic enamel 99A) at True Auto Parts and Paint.  I hope to shot it soon so I can start putting everything back together for the final time!

Chassis03 Chassis04

5/23/09:  Here is my attempt to paint the chassis.  Notice the make-shift paint booth and chassis rotisserie.  It sure kept the rest of my shop free from over-spray.  Overall, it turned out pretty good.  However, I learned the value of using a good paint gun.  You get what you pay for!  Because the chassis was sand blasted, I really struggled to the sand out from all the crevices.  I spent hours turning it upside down, vacuuming the sand and blowing it out of every crevice I could find.  I suppose small amount will never go away.