October 2013:  After much consideration, I decided to switch the engine setup from transverse to longitudinal.  The two main reasons were to have the reliability of a multiple belt pulley system (not possible with v-8 Archie setup) and create the sound of a v12 by installing 180 degree headers.  These headers took about 60 hours to create.  They were modeled after 180 degree headers from Stahl Headers that cross under the engine.  All the parts were purchased from Cone Engineering.  They have some great kits to make the cutting precise and the collector installation easy. They also use a cone, or pyramid, in the collector so the merging of all the exhaust is more balance with less exhaust collisions (see pic below).  I used mild steel versus stainless and mig welded the pieces together.  After which, I sanded down the beads to look smooth.  Next is ceramic coating!

The premise of a 180 degree header system is for the exhaust pulses to be balanced when they meet in the collector.  The other trick is for all the exhaust tubes to be the same length.  Lastly, the exhaust tubes should come into the collector in a pattern that matches the firing order, like a Gatlin gun.  So, all the exhaust tones would be completely balanced in pressure and tone.  This engineering creates a smooth and exiotic tone like in the v12's.  It was also suggested to go with 2" exhaust pipes.  These are pretty small, but the priority is sound and torque, not upper-end horse power.  Systems like this are often found in the mid-engine Pantera's.  This is as close to a v-12 a v8 will ever sound.

   Exhaust180-1 Exhaust180-2

 Exhaust180-3 Exhaust180-4