The engine I chose was a Chevy ZZ4 crate motor.  I wanted to do something extreme with the Fiero chassis.  How many times can you say you drive a Fiero with a high performance V8?  I picked it up off EBay for a great deal, still in the crate from GM!  However, the sound of the ZZ4 will not be that authentic.  Another option would have been to go with GM's 3.8L Series III V6.  It bolts up to the Fiero transmission, would be very quick and sound much more like a real Lamborghini.  Right now I have a Barry Grant ZZ4 carburetor.  I'm not sure if I will keep it or move to a fuel injection setup.  Even though fuel injection will not give additional horsepower, it will provide stability and drive ability in the car.  A multi-port fuel injection unit will also help with clearance problems I think I will have with my engine cover.


6/14/09:  Here is the bracket I made that houses the power steering pump.  It is an extension of the V-8 Archie bracket.  The alternator is on the lower right and the remote power steering pump (from an 85 Chevette) is mounted in the upper right.


6/23/09:  Here are pics of the final engine setup ready to be installed into the chassis.  Notice the power steering pump, hard mounted engine mounts, poly bushings, ceramic headers, water pump intake and expansion tank.

EngineFront EngineLeft

EngineRight EngineRear 

Feb 2014:  The engine is now mounted longitudinal and the engine cradle was modified to set the engine as low as possible.  All the bullies and mounting points changed.  A dual belt drive system was installed to give better reliability.  Having the transverse engine only had one V-belt and the engine had to be lower just to change the belt.  While the engine was out, I upgraded the heads, cam and intake with an Edelbrock top-end kit.  It should now produce about 430HP and torque.