Here is the installed air lift system.  It was purchased from NAERC as an upgrade to the kit.  The bags are from AirBagIt and have about a 7" lift before installation.  Instead of using plastic tube, I used copper from the tank to a tee in the front of the car.  Then I used steel brake lines to each bag.  It's much more ridged than typical.  The bags are used as a supplement to the coil-over springs.  They are mounted on the lower A-arm and then to an upper mount attached to the chassis.  Spacing is pretty critical.  Enough room is needed for the springs to compress when driving, so proper spacing is critical.

The tank is installed in the engine compartment just behind the fire wall.  The pressure (up) and release (down) values are installed directly onto the tank.  The reason being is that I can remove the tank, the pressure values, regulator and gauge in one fail swoop. The diagram below is a general reference of what I used, but not exact. The Tornado pump seems a bit weak and pretty loud.  I may upgrade later after I get a chance to see how it works in action.

AirTank  AirBag1AirLiftDiagram1